It’s a Mobile World.
Connect with Your Clients in the most personal, convenient and productive way possible.

Mobile and Desktop

Get all your professional communications everywhere you are, always in sync.

Your professional cellphone number

Choose your Stryng cellphone number and keep your personal number private.

Emails, calls and SMS in one convenient place

Stryng brings all your important messages in one focused place and sorts them automatically by contact.

Stryng is an AI-powered messaging app. WhatsApp connects you to your friends, Slack to your colleagues, Stryng to your customers. With one app, mobile client-facing professionals can communicate using SMS / MMS, but also email, voice, WeChat…and automatically classify all messages by customer, in one integrated stryng. Users can share their customer stryngs with colleagues and collaborate with them in context. Artificial Intelligence-powered tools assist managers and professionals in their day-to-day work and increase their productivity.

All your customer communication (SMS, email, voice) in one place, instantly searchable.

Better understand your customer needs and manage your daily todo from your mobile or your desktop.