It’s a Mobile World.
Connect with Your Clients in the most personal, convenient and productive way possible.

1 App

Hold a client conversation using messaging, audio or video. Real-time or over time. Maintain the conversation across channels, devices and sessions. All in 1 App.

In Your Owned Channels

A universal messaging platform to communicate with your clients, within your channels:
Your Website. Your Mobile Apps. Facebook Messenger & More…

1 Click

A seamless messaging solution. Works on all platforms and devices. No downloads of plug-ins required.

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Communicate in Real-Time or Over Time

Connect with your clients through messaging, audio, live chat or video chat.
Synchronous or Asynchronous.


Offer instant support to your mobile visitors.
iOS or Android.

Persistent Conversations

Maintain conversations with your clients between sessions and across devices. Start a conversation in 1 channel (say your website), and pick it up in another channel (say your mobile app).


Stryng helps keep your client and company data secure. PCI Compliant and SOC 2 Compliant.
Private cloud support available.

Co-Browse & Screen Share

See what a client is looking at or show them your screen for more effective collaboration. Assist with form completion, applications or checkout processes.

Document Sharing

Share documents, URL Links and video files with clients or teammates within the conversation.
Enable e-signature seamlessly.

These brands trust us to build trust with their customers:

Maxicours Case Study
Aramis Case Study
"videodesk enables Microsoft online customers to chat live with a Microsoft associate to help them select from a variety of products including: Surface, Xbox, PCs, Office and accessories."
"The video chat option has helped us re-humanize the digital relationships we have created with our prospects and clients."

Raynaud E. - Marketing and Customer Relations Executive

"The enhanced customer service connection will allow our clients to interact with our staff, just as if they were to come to our offices or us to their location."

Anzola J. - General Manager of Liberalized Businesses

With Stryng, TEMPTU has seen an 85% user satisfaction rate

Universal, cross-browser compatibility

Stryng works on all platforms and devices, no plugins or downloads required.

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