We’re on a mission
To help companies get closer to their clients

Our vision

It’s a mobile world

Mobile has become the most popular way to connect, and with it, messaging has become the most popular tool on mobile due to its convenience. It was built for today’s on-the-go lifestyle, being always on, always handy and persistent. It makes it easy to follow conversations, get notified and respond in your own time, from anywhere.

At the same time, it has created 2 challenges:

  • Companies have more channels than ever to manage and agents are juggling multiple communication tools to communicate with each client.
  • Companies and their clients are using multiple devices, and need the ability to maintain persistence of a conversation across these devices. Start a conversation on mobile. Pick it up on desktop.

We want to help companies be where their clients are and use the channels that maximize both efficiency and customer delight. Sometimes this requires real-time responsiveness, sometimes a message will suffice. Sometimes you need to talk, sometimes SMS or live chat will do. And sometimes you need to see what the other person is looking at, or establish eye contact to build trust.

All possible with 1 app.

Get closer to your clients by communicating in the most personal, convenient and productive way possible.