Improving the digital experience
in the automotive industry

Live chat & video engagement for the automotive industry

The days of going from lot to lot, walking up and down rows of vehicles, searching for the perfect car to rent or buy, may indeed be a thing of the past. Four out of five customers are now using the internet to shop for vehicles. Customers are looking to narrow down their options online first before visiting car dealerships and getting behind the wheel to make their final decision.

82% of people change their mind after speaking to an auto salesperson.

Customers used to visit 5 dealerships before making a decision. Now they only visit 1.6

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Aramis Auto Succeeds in Selling Cars 100% Online with videodesk

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Stepping into the customer’s driver seat, you’ll hear that the car buying process is complicated and at times even intimidating. Most people shop for a car every few years and when they do, they like to spend time online comparing prices and features. During their research, they have some key questions and ultimately they are left wishing they had a salesperson on speed dial, someone they could easily chat with while they are behind their screen.

When shopping for a used car, the key questions can include:

1) Is the car available?

2) Can I see it?

60% of US drivers want to chat online with a dealer

60% of all US drivers welcome the ability to chat online with a dealer

91% would like more intuitive and customized content made available to them.

Car companies invest in salespeople to meet and greet customers the second they step foot on the lot. They want each and every customer to have their own personal go-to car guru by their side, while they are walking around the showroom. That’s why, with the major shift in customer behavior in the automotive industry, car companies are looking to engage customers online.

By providing customers with the option of live audio or video chat, plus document and screen sharing, the automotive industry can:

  • pre-qualify website visitors to focus on engaging serious buyers
  • help customers select and customize their vehicle online with co-browsing and page highlight
  • use a second camera or webcam to show the overall condition of a used vehicle or zoom in on the details their customers wish to see
  • speed up the process of selling in dealerships by sharing and joint-completing sales and financing documents online
  • schedule test drives online to send ready-to-buy visitors straight to their showroom

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