Offering instantaneous support and advice
to high-tech customers online

Live chat & video engagement for high-tech companies

When a customer decides it’s time to purchase new technology or electronics online, the overall process can be intimidating for them, especially if they lack the product knowledge or confidence to make that decision without the help and assistance of an educated salesperson.

With so many competing online marketplaces for both technology and electronics, high-tech companies suffer from a 1-2% average conversion rate online and need to increase margins by upselling or cross-selling online as well as offline.

Electronics remains the #1 category in e-commerce (21.8% of total web sales).

Almost 50% of electrical and electronic good sales are now made online.

When customers are looking for insight and post-sales product support, videodesk enables companies to offer real-time issue resolution and support services. By providing customers with the option of live audio or video chat, plus document and screen sharing, tech support reps can see exactly what a caller is looking at using the camera of a mobile phone or webcam, and diagnose and fix problems more quickly without needing to send additional experts to remote sites.

With Stryng, high-tech businesses can simplify online sales and service, and in particular empowers them to:

  • reach out and assist customers when they seem to be hesitating, comparing products or having checkout issues
  • upsell and provide support and advice throughout the purchase process
  • boost incremental revenue by promoting additional and complementary products to tech-savvy customers
  • answer questions about product usage post-purchase with collaborative tools integrated into 1-way video chat
  • remotely troubleshoot and resolve hardware or operating system issues with two-way video chat
  • demonstrate high-tech products live online via video chat, and reassure hesitating customers about size, appearance, convenience, reliability and ease-of-use
Online conversion rates in the high tech industry have stalled at 1- 2%

Online conversion rates in the high tech industry
have stalled at 1- 2%

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