Offering white-glove experiences
to luxury retail customers online

Live chat & video engagement for luxury retailers

There’s a very distinctive experience one gets when they step foot in a luxury retailers store. Typically a friendly and professional shopping assistant greets them automatically and establishes that they are there for them throughout their entire shopping experience, no matter what they need.

Luxury consumers want the best in products and in service, in-person and online too. They want to be recognized as a valuable customer when they arrive at a store and they want their preferences to be remembered when they shop online again and again. Luxury retail customers are looking for a personalized shopping experience where shopping assistants can help them with important decisions as they would offline, online too.

But more than anything, luxury customers find value in accessing deep product knowledge of the products they are investing in, whether that’s knowing the ins and outs of the quality of workmanship, the origin of the materials used, or the brand story.

So while these customers are finding themselves researching more and more luxury goods online to narrow down options, they are still looking for that same in-person experience.

Sales of luxury goods online are expected to reach €20 billion by 2018

According to research by McKinsey and the Altagamma foundation, overall sales of luxury goods grew by a mere 2 percent in 2013, while online sales in this category increased by 20 percent to an estimated €9 billion. This figure is expected to reach €20 billion by 2018.

Despite this increase in online sales, the gap between the lavish in-store luxury shopping experience compared to that of the digital experience offered by the same brands online is still too high.

65% of the top 20 best performing luxury sites are brick-and-click businesses, including Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom. These stores are successfully integrating online and in-store shopping experiences. Often this includes offering click-and-collect or reserve-and-collect options, showing in-store availability online, and offering in-store mobile services or kiosks that allow shoppers to access additional items.

By providing customers with the option of live audio or video chat, plus document, screen, and photo sharing, luxury retailers can gain the opportunity to pay the same special, individual attention to their customers online, by providing a fully personalized experience. With videodesk luxury retailers can:

  • bring select products to life and showcase them through live video chat luxury experiences
  • create product lust by sharing in personal conversations rich media, such as digital brand catalogs, 3D product views, product photos, or videos of the latest runway shows into online conversations
  • maintain a continuous, persistent conversation with their best customers through a stream of messaging, audio, and video moments.
  • leverage relevant customer data, such as expressed preferences, purchase history or digital behavior to best serve their website visitors
  • create a personal shopper experience online by accompanying Premium customers from the first click on their website right through to check-out with co-browsing, page-push and page highlight

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