Top 5, Measuring the non-conscious mind of shoppers and how to achieve true customer engagement

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Measuring the non-conscious mind of shoppersEach week, we share insightful perspectives from some of the brightest minds in the customer experience industry, on how to adapt your strategy to best engage with your potential customers along every step of their digital journey.

  1.  Going above and beyond customer service to achieve true customer engagement

Anyone who wants to get to the top 1% of customer satisfaction and loyalty needs to go beyond ‘service’ to the heart of creating a superior customer experience. And the way you get there is through customer engagement.

  1.  Measuring the non-conscious mind of shoppers

Ninety-five percent of shopping and buying decisions are made in the non-conscious mind and the five senses are the biggest triggers. Sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell each stimulate voluntarily and involuntarily reactions in the brain. With the rise of neuromarketing, which blends consumer behavior with neuroscience, it is time to learn how to use your consumers’ non-conscious minds to gain an advantage in retail and beyond.

  1. 5 ways businesses lose the customer

From lack of innovation to not investing in customer service, these are the top 5 reasons why consumers might turn to your competitors.

  1.  Five crucial customer experience truths that companies just don’t get

A perfect product or perfect service, delivered later than the customer expects it, is a defect. This is just one of the customer experience truths your business may be afraid to recognize but is of the utmost importance when it comes to improving customer satisfaction.

  1.  Top reasons why 2016 will belong to the customer

The next 12 months will prove crucial for companies looking to bridge the gap between their digitally adept and empowered customers, and will be marked by a decisive shift by businesses towards a customer-centric operating model, during which the early bird will get the worm. If you are still not convinced, here are some reasons to help you realize why 2016 will indeed belong to the customer.

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