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Instead of making your clients pick up a phone to call some distant call-center for a ten-minute classical music interlude, use live chat on your e-commerce website and provide the same quality of human interaction on your online store as you would in a real shop.  Immediate, personalized attention means higher customer satisfaction; catching your customers as soon as they have a query or doubt means you convert better and prevent cart abandonment.

Help and encourage your employees to develop the right skills for friendly, professional and effective support. Remember, happy customers tell two or three friends, unhappy customers tell at least ten.



Listen to your customers – listen not just to their words, but also the tone of their voice and, if you are on video chat, their expressions and body language, to get a good idea of their state of mind. Do not interrupt and do not assume you know what they need. Give them space to express themselves so you don’t end up making them feel like you’re trying to get rid of them as quickly as possible.


Get to know your customer better, get feedback, understand what their issues are, and provide superior customer service with a few simple questions. Knowing more about your clientele helps anticipate better with the offers and services you provide. Being interested in what your consumers have to say creates a good feeling about your company and improves your rapport with your customers. An informative chat is possible even via text chat and can provide a lot of details for your CRM database.


Even on text chat where they cannot see you, make sure your responses are pertinent, positive and immediate. When on the phone, focus on the person and complement with text chat where needed. On video chat, make sure you are making “eye contact” with the camera and do not let noise and movement distract you from your conversation. On voice chat, avoid long silences that appear to indicate your absence from the conversation.


If something was not done right, or even if the customer was inconvenienced through nobody’s fault, apologize on behalf of the company. The customer is not always right, and difficult situations are not uncommon, but it costs nothing to remain polite and sympathize with your client.


Your customer service should make your customers feel like you are on their side. Live chat is invaluable precisely because it allows you to be “with” your customers while they need help or guidance. Share in their amusement, their frustration, sympathize with them, and make them feel welcome.


Say yes. Nod affirmatively. Smile. Look for different ways to help your customer, offer solutions they may not have mentioned or something that goes out of your way if the client is really worth it – this could be anything from very old clients, returning customers, highvalue carts, or even just a regular new customer who is a delight to help. Always sound like you think there is a solution, then try as hard as possible to find one. If there really isn’t a solution at least you will have convinced your customers that you’re not turning them away without even trying.


Respond as soon as possible to emails and offline messages and avoid missing chat call. The reactivity of a support team is crucial to the positive reinforcement of a caring brand identity.


If things are taking longer than expected to fix, inform the customer. It takes very little to send a short message saying “we have not forgotten you!”  Let them know why a delay has happened or when you think you will be able to contact them next. The big black hole of not knowing is extremely unpleasant when you are waiting for customer support to get back to you.


Doing that little unexpected extra is always welcome. It doesn’t necessarily imply something extraordinary. At the little neighborhood snack shop I go to, the cashier always has a lollipop for little kids who accompany their parents to the cash register. It makes for very happy children, and parents who appreciate the friendliness of the service staff. Humans love freebies, even the smallest pocket calendar is appreciated. Give a little freebie or discount from time to time while they chat  – it’s very little investment for very high returns!


Even when you do not see the person, you can still hear the smile on their face. You can even sense it in text chat. Make even the most difficult customer appreciate that your support agents look happy to help and are positive in their interaction with them. It’s also okay to laugh at a situation or a problem. If you are relaxed, your customer will also relax and you may have diffused a potentially difficult situation.


Situations can sometimes get particularly difficult when customers who may be in the wrong refuse to accept it. But insisting on telling them that will only do more harm. Instead, appease them and calm the situation by offering to do as much as possible and getting back to them or politely turning away an unreasonable request. If things start turning ugly, especially is you are on video chat, tell them you will get someone else to look into it, and transfer the call to a colleague. Don’t get angry yourself, and don’t stay on a call that is making you see red.


Consumers sense when a brand truly cares for its customers. Recruiting the right persons to front your customer service is key to building the right relationships with your consumers. Friendly, helpful, positive and calm people are what you need to look for to manage even the most volatile customer.

A great customer experience builds stronger bonds between customers and your business. Repeat customers and increased sales are guaranteed if you can make your clients happy when they shop on your online store. Every satisfied customer is a customer with high potential for public appreciation via social media, word-of-mouth and online reviews.

Is your online support optimized to provide the right customer service experience?
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