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We are proud to unveil our new brand today: Stryng.

Four years ago we started with a simple mission: Help companies get closer to their clients. We started by re-creating online with video the same rich, human, personal conversations that people have offline. Since then, we have continuously enriched our platform to recognize that client conversations happen sometimes over video, sometimes over audio, sometimes over text, and often benefit from powerful, collaborative tools.

At the same time, consumer behaviors have been rapidly changing with the adoption of mobile. Messaging has become the most popular and convenient communication tool. Messaging fits with the on-the-go lifestyle. It’s always on, always handy, and persistent. It makes it easy to follow conversations. Be notified, respond in your own time, from anywhere.

And introducing Stryng In-App

And so we have evolved again as well, and we are ready to unveil our new product: Stryng In-App. Stryng In-App adds messaging to our existing real-time communication and collaboration suite. Companies can now offer the convenience of messaging on their website, their mobile apps, and third-party messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger. They can maintain these conversations across sessions, devices, and channels, and seamlessly move between messaging and real-time audio and video chats as needed.

In a nutshell, Stryng In-App espouses the way people actually communicate today. It helps companies get closer to their customers by communicating in the most personal, convenient and productive way possible.

What makes Stryng special?

1. Different kinds of conversations. Use the right type of communication and collaboration tool, based on the complexity, urgency and importance of each conversation; real-time or over-time, in text, audio or video. Move between these channels seamlessly.

2. In Your Online, Mobile & Social Channels. Bring the full mix of Stryng In-App’s communication and collaboration options into your website, mobile app and third-party messaging apps to deliver the best support to prospects and clients.

3. Collaborate with your clients. Walk through documents, screens, applications or web pages. Share screens or co-browse to remotely work together in the most effective and enjoyable way.

Experience the powerful capabilities of Stryng.

What about videodesk?

To recognize the evolution of our product, we are changing the name of our company from videodesk to Stryng. We continue to offer a video-centric solution under the name videodesk.


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