Top 5, Why one-on-one assistance still remains relevant and how to drive the ultimate customer experience

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customer sales and live support agent for websitesCustomer engagement and personalization are hot topics this year and are taking the marketing world by storm. Yet with so many options available to connect with your customers, questions remain on how to provide a consistent and sustainable approach across every channel. Each week, we share insightful perspectives from some of the brightest minds in customer experience, on how to adapt your strategy to best engage with your potential customers along every step of their digital journey.

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  1.  Why Brands Need More Continuity Between Marketing, Sales And Customer Service

Marketers, salespeople and customer reps all contribute to the consumer experience by engaging with customers at various points during the sales cycle. But rather than operating in silos, away from each other and without cohesion, collaboration between these departments seems to be the key to long term business success. Read on to find out more…

  1.  In a digital age, one-on-one service remains relevant

In a world dominated by digital technology, the personal touch has become more important than ever. Find out how successful businesses are leveraging technology to make their online customers feel special too.

  1. 4 questions retailers must answer to drive the ultimate customer experience

Do you have the answer to these 4 customer experience questions? If not, it could be time to pause and take a closer look at your customers and their online buying journey. This will single-handedly give you a list of priorities and a roadmap for addressing them.

  1.  5 ways online retailers can win at customer experience on Black Friday

The US-inspired discount day doesn’t only impact US retailers. Here are five ways retailers around the world can ensure consumer experience doesn’t drop online in the mayhem of Black Friday.

  1.  How common businesses score on customer service [Iconographic]

Where does your industry stand on the in-person customer service satisfaction scale? Whatever the answer, we can help you catch up online!

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