5 Tips for Connecting with Your Customers

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building customer loyalty onlineNo matter what business you are in, customer satisfaction and loyalty is crucial. Connecting with customers must be a high priority, and we have found that the following tips are useful in building strong customer connections.

1. Use Video to Connect

Shopify cites video as being, “an incredibly persuasive medium that takes you from simply claiming your product is remarkable to actually demonstrating that it is.” Using video chat and pushing videos allows companies to engage with customers on a deeper level, physically showing the power of their product, rather than simply talking about it.

2. Persuade with Emotion, Support with Facts

While it’s easy to sell a product or service by glamorizing it and pointing out how much it could better the customer’s life; honesty is still key. Don’t make claims that you can’t back up with substantiated facts. The truth will come out eventually, so don’t twist the truth and present the customer with exaggerated claims; instead, work with your capabilities and show off how great they are.

3. Make Asking Questions a Priority

Understand your customer and what they need before you pitch them. It’s a lot easier to sell to someone when you have an understanding of what they need. For example, a college student and a mother of 4 may shop on the same website, but they likely are not there to purchase the same item. So, before trying to sell them on something, find out who they are, what they like and what their needs are. Building this personal connection can turn into a long-lasting customer relationship.

4. Interact via Multiple Platforms

Answer your phone. Respond to emails in a timely manner. Converse on social media. Be present in conversations. Maintaining contact with customers is key to forming long-term relationships and building customer loyalty. Always follow up and maintain contact to assure customer satisfaction.

5. Know What Makes You Unique

When a customer has so many different options to choose from, standing out is vital. Be informed not only about your own company, but about competing companies as well. Be able to explain, honestly and thoroughly, what you have to offer that makes you stand out from the rest.

We hope you found our tips useful, and we would love to hear our feedback. Either as customers or fellow businesses, feel free to comment and let us know what you think the best way to connect with customers is.

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