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customer excitement and preparing for the holiday seasonCustomer engagement and personalization are hot topics this year and are taking the marketing world by storm. Yet with so many options available to connect with your customers, questions remain on how to provide a consistent and sustainable approach across every channel. Each week, we share insightful perspectives from some of the brightest minds in customer experience, on how to adapt your strategy to best engage with your potential customers along every step of their digital journey.

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  1.  Satisfaction isn’t enough: Strategies for creating customer excitement

It’s time to reconsider the language of customer satisfaction and make a shift towards something better – customer excitement. How can we motivate customers to form attachments to our businesses, recommend them, and look forward to their shopping experience? This takes more than just friendly staff and good a selection of products – it takes ingenuity and commitment.

  1.  10 Customer Service Books Every Business Owner Should Read

According to, $41 billion is lost by U.S. companies each year due to poor customer service. While there are several resources online that can be used to research and learn about providing stellar customer support, this list of 10 of the best books around proves to be a treasure trove of knowledge when it comes to learning about CX.

  1. 4 questions retailers must answer to drive the ultimate customer experience

Nine examples of tech companies providing amazing customer service. You may know the wrong way to do support from personal experience, as customers. But now, let’s talk about the right way.

  1.  How to Prepare Your Customer Service Team For High Volume This Holiday Season

A record number of consumers will go online to do their holiday shopping this year. Here’s what you need to do to make sure your customer service team is ready for the influx in traffic and tickets.

  1.  Great customer experience starts with sales

As millennials mature into the majority of the workforce, companies no longer have the luxury of building great experiences over time. They need to deliver the customer experience buyers want immediately, from the very first contact.

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