Top 5, first look at holiday sales satisfaction and why customers crave certainty

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online holiday shopping experienceCustomer engagement and personalization are hot topics this year and are taking the marketing world by storm. Yet with so many options available to connect with your customers, questions remain on how to provide a consistent and sustainable approach across every channel. Each week, we share insightful perspectives from some of the brightest minds in customer experience, on how to adapt your strategy to best engage with your potential customers along every step of their digital journey.


  1.  Affluent shoppers look for high-end customer experience

Nearly ⅔ of affluent shoppers expect a high-end, customized experience when purchasing luxury goods. And with half saying they prefer to purchase products online, it’s high time for online luxury retailers to seriously rethink their online engagement strategies and aim to offer offer the same (or better!) personalization services and brand differentiation as in their physical stores.

  1.  Online Merchants Lose Sales Due to Poor Checkout Experience

Why is it so hard to “close” a customer that has gone to the trouble to find a merchant online, decide what they would like to buy – yet leave before they push the “buy” button? Understanding how to make it easier for consumers to do that can mitigate not only lost sales, but also turn a shopper into a repeat customer. Download the PYMNTS.COM checkout conversion index for 2015 for more data or check out VideoDesk co-browse for a quick fix!

  1. U.S. and U.K. consumers not thrilled with online holiday shopping experience

Black Friday 2015 may have seen record sales, but it has not been matched by the high levels of service that consumers demand. 33 percent of British consumers and 35 percent of U.S. shoppers have reported that they are unhappy with their online experience so far. And with only one fifth of all consumers revealing they haven’t started their festive shopping yet, online retailers have little time left to get things right.

  1.  Why customers crave certainty

When customers are lacking certainty, their imagination is left to fill in the blanks, and it usually goes one of two ways. They might imagine things positively, building huge excitement, or more commonly, imagine things negatively, worrying about the things that might go wrong. To create a truly satisfying customer experience, retailers must eliminate the unknown. But how can you free up your customers’ imaginations to replace any worry with excitement about what’s to come?

  1.  Majority of B2B Companies Missing Out on Revenue Growth Due to Poor Customer Experience Performance, Accenture Study Finds

In an environment where business-to-business (B2B) customers are demanding a richer consumer-like experience, new research from Accenture finds that only 23 percent of companies are implementing truly effective customer experience programs and achieving higher revenue growth. One piece of advice stands out from this research: do enough to make an impact or don’t bother doing it at all.

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