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Customer experience in the newsCustomer engagement and personalization are hot topics this year and are taking the marketing world by storm. Yet with so many options available to connect with your customers, questions remain on how to provide a consistent and sustainable approach across every channel. Each week, we share insightful perspectives from some of the brightest minds in customer experience, on how to adapt your strategy to best engage with your potential customers along every step of their digital journey.

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  1.  2016 is the year of the millennial customer: is your customer experience ready?

With their trendsetting ideas and spending power hitting trillions of dollars, millennials are a highly desired demographic for marketers and the driving force behind many modern evolutions in customer experience. And quite naturally, they will continue to challenge businesses to keep up with their ever-changing expectations in 2016. Is your business ready to successfully cater to this influential population? Find out how to offer a millennial-friendly sales, customer experience and customer service approach in six not so simple steps.

  1.  So what exactly does Customer Experience mean?

In last year’s digital trend report, over 44% of firms reported that the primary way their business would seek to differentiate itself from competitors in the next 5 years would be through customer experience. But what exactly does CX mean? Backed up by research, Econsultancy attempts to answer this seemingly simple question with some surprising results.

  1. To avoid sales hell repent the 7 deadly sins of customer engagement

Is your company guilty of customer engagement sins? From simply assuming who your customers are, to being intimidated by big data and failing to analyse the big (omnichannel) picture, find out which customer engagement issues are the most detrimental to your business progress and should be resolved as a matter of priority.

  1.  What a great digital customer experience actually looks like

Digital customer experiences are not just limited to those experienced by online customers. They include all of those experienced through a digital interface, including customers comparing prices online and those seeking for information about the nearest physical store. Find out what a great digital customer experience really looks like and what your company should be focusing on to avoid creating fragmentation and inconsistency.

  1.  2016 predictions: key trends will transform mobile engagement

Few companies will make the leap to providing a flawless mobile experience to their customers in 2016 but those who do will reap the rewards. Learn how to seize critical mobile moments to win, serve and retain your customers and deliver superior, dynamic and contextual customer experience, through three Forrester mobile predictions.

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