videodesk announces corporate name change to Stryng to reflect focus on messaging

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New York, NY, October 12th, 2016: videodesk today announced that it is changing its corporate name to Stryng. The name change reflects the product evolution from video chat to a full client communication and collaboration platform, including video, audio and text chat, and the ability to seamlessly move from one mode to the other during a conversation.

In conjunction with the name change, Stryng is introducing its new product, Stryng In-App, a universal client messaging platform that strings messaging, audio, video, screen-sharing and collaborative moments into one continuous conversation. With Stryng In-App, companies can support the way people prefer to communicate today both in real-time and over time.

Stryng In-App brings universal messaging into companies’ websites, their mobile apps, and third-party messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Companies can maintain these client conversations across sessions, devices and channels, and escalate to real-time audio or video chats as needed.

With Stryng In-App, companies can communicate with their clients using the right communication and collaboration tools to match the complexity, urgency and importance of each conversation, driving productivity, efficiency and customer delight.

“We are excited to introduce Stryng In-App, the most personal, convenient and productive way for companies to communicate with their clients,” said Olivier Coste, CEO of Stryng.

The new name is effective immediately, and will be implemented across the company’s channels throughout the calendar year 2016.

A video-centric solution continues to be offered under the name videodesk.


About Stryng

Stryng gets you closer to your clients. Our client messaging platform strings messaging, audio, video, screen-sharing and collaborative moments into one single, continuous conversation so that companies can communicate over time with their clients in the most personal, convenient and productive way possible.


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