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Analyzing and reporting

From customer feedback to real time agent performance, Stryng’s Stats and Analytics features give you all the data you need to track your live engagement results over time.

  • Sign up to receive a daily report containing an overview of your agent’s global availability, an individual availability recap for each of your agents as well as a summary of the calls received during this period of time.
  • Check on the quality of service provided by your agents in real-time, with a number of live monitoring features to choose from, including agent availability, answer time, number of simultaneous conversations, call modes and feature usage.
  • Let your customers fill out a quick, fully customizable survey after their call. Get detailed reports on their customer satisfaction and browse through the feedback they left after engaging with your agents online.
  • Depending on your sales and customer retention strategies, we can also help you set up additional data tracking such as ecommerce conversion rates, and assist you in importing the information back into your sales CRM.
videodesk website visits and live chat conversation stats
live chat customer satisfaction and feedback stats
videodesk live chat with text, voice and video feature usage report