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Whether your customers are overwhelmed by the multiple choices and options you offer, have trouble placing their order or simply can’t find the product or service they are looking for, chances are co-browsing could help resolve the issue.

What is co-browsing?

Co-browsing, or collaborative browsing, is a rising technology trend which is revolutionizing the way businesses engage with their online customers. While frequently associated with live chat, Stryng is taking co-browsing one step further by allowing agents to connect with online visitors through voice and live video chat during their co-browsing session, meaning they no longer have to stop and type to explain what they are doing.

Stryng’s cobrowse with video chat feature allows agents to see the exact pages their visitors are viewing and guide them effectively through their website, just as a salesperson would guide a customer around a physical store. So whether they are viewing a single web page or navigating throughout the website, the agent and visitor can view this content together, in real-time, while holding a conversation over live chat, voip or live video chat.

Co-browsing is one of Stryng’s most popular live chat features. It is similar to screen-sharing, but less invasive. Agents can only see the website that the visitor is on. They are not able to navigate to other websites or take control of the customer’s computer.

Co-browsing gives agents the same abilities they would have if they were sitting next to the online visitor in person. The agent can take control of the visitor’s mouse to show them where they need to go or what they need to click on. They can assist visitors with form completions, whether for online applications or through the checkout process. It’s also a great way for agents to shop the online store with a customer, cross-selling and up-selling along the way.

Co-browsing provides the intimacy of a personalized shopping experience, from the convenience of your website, while protecting the visitor’s privacy and security.


No download or installation is required.

Co-browsing for customer assistance

Co-browsing helps agents provide real-time high-value support to their customers, without them ever leaving the website they are on.

It helps improve customer satisfaction in almost any situation.

Guide customers around your website

Help customers find the product or service they are looking for and show them similar or complementary items to increase sales value and promote upselling and cross-selling.

Click links and fill out forms

Save time and reduce customers’ frustration by taking them to the right pages, helping them sign up, sign in, select the right product features and options or fill out personal info, just like in a real store. Co-browsing is also an excellent tool for helping prospects and customers complete online applications.

Help customers check out

Increase conversion rates by co-browsing to guide your customers through the checkout process and ease any concerns they may have about delivery or payment methods. The agent can help the customer fill in forms, address error messages, answer outstanding questions, and give customers the confidence to complete their online purchase.

videodesk's guide to co-browsing

How to configure and use videodesk’s co-browse solution.

Download pdf

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