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Customer engagement through messaging, voice and video support


Messsage with your clients from within your website or mobile app, in real-time or over time. Maintain conversations across devices, channels and sessions. Seamlessly escalate to audio or video as needed.

Live audio and video chat conversation iconLive audio or video conversations

Much faster and more rewarding than just live text chat, voice and video-based conversations are great for building trust and are best used to address complex requests.

videodesk live chat box with audio and video

Live product demonstrations online - mobile phone

Live product demonstrations with videodesk live chatProduct demonstration

In physical stores, live product demos are known to increase sales by 5x. videodesk offers companies the same opportunity to boost online and ecommerce conversions by demonstrating products and services right from their computer, with a second camera. This camera can be used to conduct live, high-definition product demos and show product details up-close. No specific setup is required: all it takes is an extra camera, conveniently placed next to the agent.

Co-browsing for live engagementCo-browse

Stryng’s co-browse feature allows agents to see the exact pages their visitors are viewing and guide them effectively through their website, just as a sales or service person would guide a customer through documents, processes, or places.

Your agents will save time and reduce customer frustration by taking them to the right pages, helping them sign up, sign in, check out, select the right product features and options or fill out personal info, just like in real life.

Co-browse highlight modePage Highlighter

Page highlighter is a non-invasive, view-only mode of co-browsing. Agents connect to the visitor’s browser and see the exact same pages they are viewing, but cannot take control of the browsing at any time.
With page highlighter, agents can point out important information by highlighting text, images and links with their mouse, to guide visitors around the website or solve issues remotely.

With file-sharing, agents can share PDF files with their customers via the videodesk window, without interrupting the conversation.
It’s an efficient way to share user manuals, instruction sheets, technical data and comparison charts.

With video-sharing, agents can share video product tutorials, pre-recorded demos, feature presentations or commercial videos. We make sure that your live video-sharing is secure, so even the most sensitive videos can be exchanged online.

With screen-sharing, agents can provide additional live support by sharing what they are seeing on their screen, with a customer, directly through their browser. No additional plug-ins or software needed. The shared screen will automatically show up in a new window on the customer’s screen, allowing them to still scroll through pages on their own screen, while also viewing yours.

With URL-sharing, agents can conveniently share URL links directly through the chat window during a conversation. The URL will immediately open in a new pop-up window on the web user’s screen.


Mobile video chat SDKMobile

Sometimes pictures aren’t enough to sell. With a camera-enabled smartphone, your agents can remotely show your prospects your fabrics, show-room, hotel room, apartment, car or any other product up for sale.

You can also dramatically cut resolution time and increase customer satisfaction by providing remote mobile video support to your customers. When something is wrong with the product they have purchased, they will appreciate being able to show you the issue via the video camera of their smart devices, instead of having to type what is wrong or describe the issue over the phone.