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Live product demonstrations

Boost sales and improve customer experience with live chat video demos

In physical stores, live product demos are known to increase sales by a factor of up to five. With videodesk’s live chat software, online retailers have the same opportunity to boost conversions by demonstrating their products and services online, without ever leaving the desk.

Live demos build trust in a product by letting customers see firsthand how it works and how it could benefit them as individuals. This could be all you need to convince hesitant buyers to go through with their purchase!

Live product demonstrations online

Conducting live product demos with Stryng

To conduct live product demos, live support agents must simply add a second webcam to their Stryng live chat program.

This second camera, also referred to as Product Webcam, can be used to conduct live product demos, show product details up-close or even surprise users with a virtual tour of a show-room, hotel room or apartment for sale.

No specific setup is required and there is no need to move or adjust the main camera at any time – agents can continue their video conversations in the live chat box, uninterrupted.

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