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Real-Time Communication: Live text, audio and video chat

Even in a messaging world, there are times you need to talk things through.

Stryng In-App gives you the opportunity to create quality relationships by seamlessly switching from messaging to voice or video calls at any time.

Adding a human touch to online

The lack of physical interaction in the online environment makes it difficult to establish trust with consumers.

videodesk live chat for websites gives you the opportunity to create quality relationships with your customers and reassure them by showing them that they are dealing with a real person.

Live support agents can seamlessly switch from live chat to voice or video calls at any time to create a memorable online experience for their customers, regardless of the context.

High quality voice and video chat

Stryng’s solutions use the latest WebRTC and Flash technology to make the online audio and video chat experience just as good as face-to-face communication.

No downloads or plugins required on any browser or platform.

Live video chat options

One-way video

All video chat conversations start in one-way video by default. Live support agents can hear the web-users’ voice but cannot see them unless they choose to activate their webcam.

Two-way video

In two-way-video chat communication, both parties can see and hear the other. This is the best choice for businesses wishing to conduct face-to-face meetings online or for those who want to establish deeper relationships with their high-value clients. It can also be used for remote support.

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