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Resource management

Stryng’s smart call center solutions and features let you customize the way live chat conversations take place on your website or in your app, and choose how you wish to manage your call data once a conversation is over.

Call schedulingCall Scheduling

Call scheduling is a useful feature for websites with low traffic and low agent availability, and for websites with heavy traffic and high agent occupation rates. With the click of a button, customers can schedule a call with an agent who is currently offline or already engaged in a conversation. Prior to the scheduled call, customers receive an email reminder along with a direct button to start the conversation.

Call scheduling tool for live chat box

Live chat call matchingCall Matching

Stryng automatically puts your customers in contact with the most suitable agent available, according to their behavior on the website or on previously recorded customer and agent data such as previous customer satisfaction ratings or the number of calls an agent has received in a day.

Stryng has revolutionized this service call process. If a customer doesn’t have a dedicated agent, it’s easier to get them connected with the most appropriate team first. Our department mode option allows customers to be routed to a pool of agent rather than a specific person.

Data miningData Mining

Use data mining to extract knowledge from your agents’ past conversations. Data mining will help you understand the main queries and issues reported by your customers. The results can be used to optimize the information provided on your website, provide extra training to specific agents and learn to anticipate your customers’ needs.

Stryng uses intelligence to match the call with the right agent, instantly. Customers no longer need to dial a 1-800 number and listen to a long prompt, before selecting a department. Instead, Stryng takes care of routing their call to the right agent, making communication between the agent and the customer hassle free.

Call TransferCall Transfer

If agents feel that a call was mis-routed, or they are not able to provide a suitable answer to a customer’s question or request, they can transfer the call to another available agent with the click of a button.

Agent-to-Agent Messaging

Stryng’s agent-to-agent messaging feature allows agents to communicate, privately, on the backend of the tool. There are no additional plug-ins or software needed. Agent-to-agent chats will automatically show up in a new window on their screen, allowing them to communicate in a separate area than they use to communicate directly with customers.

3-Way Calling

Stryng offers a three-way call feature allows two agents to service one customer, simultaneously in real-time. This feature allows for a smarter call to take place between the customer and the people they need help from the most.

Live chat call recordingCall Recording

Record audio and video calls and replay past conversations to check on the quality of your live agents’ support and service. With live chat recording, you can even get written transcripts and translations of audio conversations for data mining purposes.