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Engaging customers on mobile

Mobile is the fastest growing segment in e-commerce today and generates over 34% of all online sales, a figure expected to reach 40% by the end of the year.

As companies further develop their m-commerce apps and websites with increasingly sophisticated and secure technology, customers are more confident than ever in using their mobile devices to research and purchase products and services online.

Offering live assistance via mobile video chat to these demanding, task-oriented web-users is the first step towards mobile customer satisfaction and, if well implemented, it can have a huge influence both on mobile traffic conversions and on customer support efficiency.

Increasing sales on mobile

Increased mobile conversions

Add-to-cart and purchase rates are significantly lower on mobile than on traditional devices. As m-commerce is generally used with a sense of urgency for customers, providing mobile live chat support and immediate answers to their questions could be all you need to stand out from the competition and significantly increase mobile sales.

Cross-selling opportunities

Mobile users are also using their phones to research for later buys – so guiding them to relevant products and giving them all the information they need to make a purchase decision can result in major cross-channel selling opportunities.

Mobile support resolution

Faster issue resolution

Stryng’s mobile website tools provide a quick and cost-effective way of dealing with technical support issues and customer issue resolution.
Instead of describing in detail the problems they are experiencing with a product, customers can show you firsthand with their mobile device’s built-in camera and let the pictures speak for themselves.

In the insurance industry, real-time video appraisal means claims can be settled immediately.

Reduced support costs

Service technicians and support staff will save valuable time by diagnosing product issues remotely and guiding customers step by step through the repair process, instead of having to travel to perform diagnostic or corrective actions.

In the high tech and telco industries, customers can receive technical support over video chat to address installation or hardware issues that traditionally would require an in-person technician visit.

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