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Page highlighter

What is page highlighter?

Page highlight is a non-invasive, view-only mode of live chat co-browsing. Agents connect to the visitor’s browser and see the exact same pages they are viewing but cannot take control of the browsing at any time, unless specifically requested.

With the page highlight live chat feature, agents can point out important information by highlighting text, images and links with their mouse, to guide visitors around the website or solve issues remotely.

Unlike standard co-browse, page highlight does not require visitors to give their consent and is therefore a faster way of assistance.

  • Secure, browser-based tool
  • No download or installation required

How to use page highlighter?

Once a conversation has been initiated with a customer, agents can launch a co-browsing session in just a click.
No authorization is required from the web-user and the current video or text conversation is not interrupted.
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