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Routing & Queuing

When your customers are reaching for out for help, it’s important to provide them with the right answers to their questions and the right agent for them to speak with.

Stryng uses intelligence to match the call with the right agent, instantly. Customers no longer need to dial a 1-800 number and listen to a long prompt, before selecting a department. Instead, Stryng takes care of routing their call to the right agent, making communication between the agent and the customer hassle free.  

How does routing & queuing work

Routing involves selecting agents to find the one who is right for each call. The selection process is based on who is available and who is equipped to answer the call in the way the user would like to communicate, whether that’s through text, audio, or video. Other considerations in the selection process include which agent has a relevant skill set, their geography and whether or not the call is about customer service or sales.

After the selection process, an agent is assigned to the call. The process takes just a matter of seconds.

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