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Lead Scoring & Targeting

Lead scoring and targetingStryng assigns a customer value to each of your website visitors to determine which invitation is best suited to which lead. Invitations range from personalized panels to invitations to text-chat or to start a live conversation. They can be fully customized to suit your business needs. Your expert agents will maximize their impact by only talking to high-potential, in-market online leads and prospects.

Depending on your business objectives or customer acquisition strategy, you can set up an unlimited number of personalized rules based on customer behavior, demographics, purchase profile or on your own specific needs:

  • Only show the live chat invitation to visitors within certain income brackets, from certain countries or speaking certain languages
  • Focus solely on either new or returning visitors
  • Display the invitation to visitors who perform certain actions on the website, such as adding a product to cart.
  • Display the module to visitors who have spent a certain amount of time on the help page
  • Block specific users from receiving an invitation