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Sometimes your customers may want a little extra help when purchasing a product or service on your website. videodesk’s screen-sharing option lets agents or customer service representatives show exactly what’s on their screen.

Benefits of Screen-Sharing

Stryng’s screen-share feature lets you provide additional live support by sharing what you’re seeing on your screen, with a customer, directly through your browser. No additional plug-ins or software needed. The shared screen will automatically show up in a new window on the customer’s screen, allowing them to still scroll through pages on their own screen, while also viewing yours.

The screen-sharing option is an efficient way to help guide customers through complicated forms, show real-time product demos, and answer questions in a hands on way.

How to Share Your Screen With videodesk

Stryng screen-sharing couldn’t be easier. Agents can simply select the screen they would like share in the toolbox on the side of their conversation window and then click “Share screen” to start the screen-sharing. Once they are done sharing their screen, all they need to do is click “Stop sharing screen” and that feature will be disabled.

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