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Video-sharing through live chat

Quickly share video tutorials and pre-recorded product demos via your videodesk conversation window with video-sharing. Shared videos will automatically show up in a new window on the customer’s screen.

The video-sharing option is an efficient way to share product demos, tutorials, feature presentations or commercial videos during a live support session.

Agents can monitor the customer’s position while watching the video and resume the conversation once the video has ended. Both agents and web-users have access to basic commands such as Stop, Pause, Fast-forward and Rewind.

Stryng’s video-sharing live chat feature is secure, so even the most sensitive videos can be exchanged online.

Users who request an email transcript of the chat session will automatically receive a link to the shared videos.

How to share a video with videodesk

Video-sharing with Stryng couldn’t be easier.

Agents must simply select the video they would like to share in the toolbox on the side of their conversation window and click “Send the video” to start video-sharing.

The video shows up in a new window on the visitor’s screen along with basic commands such as play, stop, forward and rewind.

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