Achieving added value through people
Improve your online performance in three key areas of action

Improve your customer experience

In today’s competitive environments, customer experience is emerging as a key differentiator.

Efficient websites and mobile apps coupled with great customer service have underpinned the success of many forward-looking companies such as Apple or Starbucks, and are becoming of critical importance in markets such as the healthcare, financial services and insurance industries.

Brand love

Online shoppers are no longer just looking to buy a product or service but are increasingly becoming loyal to brands that offer memorable and personalized ecommerce experiences. Websites, apps and algorithms are table stakes. The difference lies in human interactions.

Customer satisfaction

63% of businesses report bad navigation and poor findability as being some of the most common issues their customers experience on their websites.

Stryng’s live engagement tools help you increase customer satisfaction by guiding confused customers around your webstore with co-browse, sharing extra product information via file and video-sharing and showing hesitant visitors how a product works live with a second webcam.

Customer lifetime value & retention

Engaged customers are the most valuable customers – they purchase 90% more frequently, spend 60% more per transaction. and are also six times more likely to try a new product or service!

Stryng helps you optimize your customers’ lifetime value by offering personalized, human, customer-centric experiences and support with real-time answers to their questions.

And our integration tools give you the opportunity to levy customer data by importing existing customer data from your CRM system and exporting new data saved during the conversation into your existing databases, including Salesforce.

with videodesk live chat 90% of engaged customers purchase more frequently

Engaged customers purchase more frequently

with videodesk live chat Engaged customers spend 60% more online

Money spent