Achieving added value through people
Improve your online performance in three key areas of action

Enhance your customer service

Though live text chat assistance has proven to be a time-saver for basic customer support and service questions, it is simply not effective for complex requests or support queries that require visual attention.

Stryng’s rich interactive toolset allows you to positively differentiate by offering the best online customer service experience to your customers, with remote video support. You will dramatically increase customer satisfaction rates and reduce costs along the way

Instant diagnosis & resolution
Escalation management
Improved agent efficiency

Instant diagnosis
& resolution

Escalation management

Improved agent efficiency

By introducing live video chat support, you will greatly increase the timeliness of diagnosis and resolution. Your customers can show or talk your technical support or customer service agents through the issue they are facing with a product instead of having to explain in writing. Agents can visually guide the customer through the resolution process remotely, saving the cost of a truck roll and delivering a great customer experience.

With Stryng, you can define divisions, departments and levels of customer support, and transfer calls between agents.

Simple call matching allows you to assign the right service requests to the right agents. You can choose to automatically put your customers in contact with the agent who is the most likely to be able to answer their request or dispatch calls to the agents who are the least busy.