Achieving added value through people
Improve your online performance in three key areas of action

Increase your online sales

E-commerce has changed the way people shop. But for complex, high-margin products and services, the expertise and relationship-building qualities of sales agents are still key to developing trust and selling online.

By giving your best sales agents access to Stryng, you will equip them with powerful customer insights and collaborative tools, expose them to a large audience of qualified leads and dramatically increase sales, conversions, and average order size.

Lead qualification

Stryng makes sure your sales agents are always in front of the most qualified leads, not anonymous visitors. Thanks to engagement rules and triggers, you can customize your sales approach by offering the right invitation to the right shopper at the right time. Your expert agents need only engage in rich conversations with high-potential prospects and customers.

Customer Conversion

Stryng enables agents to increase conversion rates by building trust and answering any lingering questions online customers may have, through rich conversations, intuitive digital customer experience, co-shopping, and product demos. Stryng is PCI-compliant, so your agents can even accompany customers through the check-out process to minimize cart abandonment and significantly bump conversion rates.

Average order value

Educate your customers on the benefits of more expensive products and have your agents take advantage of the context of a real, human conversation to cross-sell additional or complementary products, such as warranties or accessories.

Sales agent productivity

Your in-store salespeople or branch agents know your products, services and customers better than anyone else. With Stryng you can put your best reps in front of your online customers during off-peak hours, when in-store or in-branch visits are few and far between.