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Leveraging WebRTC

We develop and leverage industry-leading technology, including WebRTC, to power real-time browser-to-browser communications along with superior services such as file-sharing, video-sharing and co-browsing.

Our simple SDK and APIs allow businesses to fully customize our solutions and adapt it to their specific needs, in terms of design, behavior, CRM integration and mobility.

Stryng combines the power of WebRTC technology with in-house developed tech innovations to offer your customers a smooth and plugin-less live video experience, through any browser or mobile application. No downloads or plugins are required and real-time network adjustments are performed, based on their environment and connection speed.

What is WebRTC technology?

Web Real-Time Communications, or WebRTC, is an open source digital initiative maintained by Google and focused on embedding real-time voice, text and video communications directly in a web browser or mobile application. Intended as a replacement for Adobe’s Flash, it allows for high quality peer-to-peer audio and video conversation and provides a seamless experience for customers who wish to benefit from instant in-context communication when browsing your website or online store.

When sending data from one browser to another, WebRTC eliminates the need to connect through a server, thus significantly improving delivery speed and reducing latency.

Video quality is pristine and remains consistent throughout the conversation. Content-sharing is almost immediate. The standardized security methods enabled by WebRTC protect from intrusions to protected information. All media you share is automatically encrypted.

One of the main benefits of WebRTC is that no installation of additional client software or browser plugins is required. One-click video conversations can be initiated by your customers in a matter of seconds. Your website visitors instantly benefit from face-to-face expert advice while avoiding the limitations of having to keep their browser, software and extensions up-to-date.

Supported platforms & browsers

The widespread adoption of WebRTC supported browsers means the vast majority of web users will be able to benefit from the speed and quality of WebRTC video chat conversations. However, if your customer’s browser does not support WebRTC, Stryng will by default fall back to Flash.

Real-time network adjustments

The videodesk WebRTC video chat solution is fully adaptive to changing environments such as connection speeds and browser changes. The intelligent technology dynamically adapts to deliver a high quality experience to your customers no matter what the network conditions are.

desktop computers


Google Chrome version 23 and above
Mozilla Firefox version 22 and above
Opera version 18 and above



mobile tablet


Google Chrome version 28 and above
Mozilla Firefox version 24 and above
Opera version 12 and above