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Customer Data API

Stryng also includes a powerful Data Flow API ecommerce tool which allows you to import and display visitor details to your live support agents during calls. They can edit and enhance this data by adding extra information gathered during conversations and exporting the new values back into your systems after the call.

Customer value

The standard fields cover the most basic information your agents may wish to access during a conversation:

  • First name /Last name
  • Company
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Customer language
  • Customer ID
  • Customer URL
  • Cart ID

Custom data fields

For more advanced usage, admins can add an unlimited amount of custom data fields.
The corresponding data can be imported from your customer’s account with JavaScript or left blank for your agents to fill out.
Examples of custom data fields include:

  • propensity to buy
  • spouse’s name
  • year of birth
  • emergency contact details
  • job

When customers are logged in to their account during a call, these fields are automatically displayed to the agent on the left-hand side of the conversation window. Stryng uses JavaScript to populate the value of each field for each individual visitor, based on the data stored in their accounts.
Agents can add or edit the value of each field at any time during the conversation.

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