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Live chat API – User Interface

Our powerful chat window API website tool allows you to customize the videodesk solution and fully adapt it to your environment, your design and your user experience paradigm.

Example of live chat user interface customization with videodesk
Real-time call agent availability
videodesk live engagement call button options

Endless possibilities

The live chat API allows you to place chat call buttons anywhere on your website: under each team member’s photo on your team page, as an extra option on your contact page or on a dedicated live chat page…The possibilities are endless!

Real-time availability

Display each agent’s availability status in real-time. Call buttons will only show up for agents who are truly available.

Multiple Options

The feature works in both agent list and call center mode. Two options are available: text chat button only or all available call modes.

For more specific information on how to set up our live chat API, please visit our online documentation page: